Evolving Digital At The Speed of Technology

CT Web Design Strategy and Experience

Compelling website design is priority #1.

For fifteen years we have provided our customers with cutting edge web solutions. Google was born in September of 1998, and we began building websites only three months later. Our web experience being founded on the belief that search engines would be very important to the overall advertising landscape, due to that, all of our websites are built to standards that ensure their visibility and performance within the search engines. It has always been a main focus of ours to design a website that is going to simplify the process of converting visitors into customers. A customized, responsive, and aesthetically appealing design will keep your users engaged and lead them down the proper path of conversion.

Successful eCommerce requires a great design too.

Without a great design, your website may have little success in converting site visitors into customers. This becomes increasingly problematic if you are selling products on your website itself. By creating an eCommerce portal, you are not only seeking the financial support of your customers, yet the trust in security as well. A properly constructed web design will help drive home the feeling of reliability and support for the users making a purchase decision.

Mobile web design is the here and now.

In the age of smart technology, there are now more individuals accessing the Internet via mobile device than desktop at any given moment. This is an immediate red flag for anyone who’s website is not mobile friendly. A mobile friendly website will adapt and customize itself for a user friendly experience no matter what type or size device the user is browsing with. The numbers speak for themselves. Missing out on mobile traffic can play a devastating role to your business.