Why Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic offers in the moment reporting, the ability to pivot messaging/creatives based on data, and endless data points to optimize campaigns toward clicks, website visits, downloads, sign-ups, etc.

The precision of programmatic is often what sways advertisers to start buying ad campaigns programmatically. The reporting and the results keep advertisers buying programmatic.

What is programmatic advertising?
Programmatic is the automated process of buying digital media through a demand side platform using real time bidding. Programmatic ad buying is faster, more efficient, and less expensive. Advertisers have a more granular look into their advertising campaigns by buying impressions individually and strategically managing their ad campaigns.

5 Benefits of Programmatic Ad Campaigns

1. Increased transparency & control
Programmatic technology offers transparency. Through programmatic advertising, advertisers can see exactly what sites their advertisements are reaching, the type of customer looking at their ad, and any costs associated with the advertisement in real time.

2. Real-time measurement
Real-time reporting and data measurement is every advertiser’s goal. Programmatic provides the ability to measure exactly how a creative, campaign, or audience is performing as soon as the campaign’s launched. You don’t have to wait until the end of the campaign to get results.

3. Greater efficiency
Real-time measurement allows advertisers the ability to track their campaign and make adjustments as needed. Optimizing ensures that each campaign is running at its full potential, reaching only those ideal targeted customers. Quick changes on the fly are able to take place in a much more efficient and educated way.

4. Greater targeting capabilities
With programmatic technology’s increased flexibility, advertisers can directly reach their ideal consumers for any given goal. Audience targeting examples:

5. Increased audience reach on popular publishers
Another benefit of programmatic advertising is the potential audience reach on premium publishers. Connected TV has seen unprecedented growth lately and is the channel many advertisers are turning to for branding and tracking impressions to an action/sale.

Connected TV includes Smart TVs, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google’s Android TV, Apple TV, a connected video game console (i.e., Xbox,), all of which connect to video streaming content delivering your ad message on popular publishers.


Niche programming like live sporting events, cooking shows, and more interest based content is available with CTV and Audio for podcasting and radio shows.